Hedge Trimming and Topiary

We have a team of hedge trimming experts who will keep your hedges neat and cared for.

Tree trimming

Hedges are important features in our gardens, often marking boundaries or offering privacy and screening. As well as planting hedges, ranging from mixed native species to formal hedges such as Beech and Yew, we also offer a precision hedge trimming service guaranteeing neat, level, tightly-clipped hedges to complement your property whether private or corporate.

30 years professional experience

With 30 years experience of hedge trimming I spent 15 of those as a contractor for Limehurst Ltd. trimming and harvesting Yew hedges for use in a widely used cancer treatment.

This work offered me the privilege of working in some of the most prestigious gardens in the south of England. From castles and stately homes to cottage gardens and bowling greens I perfected my technique to cut quickly and precisely.

As a result I am able to offer competitive quotes for your hedge trimming requirements.

Hedge restoration

Sometimes neglected hedges require restoration over a number of seasons to prevent them becoming too tall or wide. Sometimes they benefit from being cut in half to regenerate them or to have bulges cut out to restore straight lines. We carry out all of these services.

If you are fortunate enough to be the custodian of topiary specimens I am experienced at trimming such features. With a background in fine art and a knowledge of garden history I love to trim and restore topiary. Some examples of which are in my gallery.

For restoration, precision hedge trimming and all your hedge planting needs, contact us and book now to reserve your place in our busy diary.


What our Customers say...

First class, careful work done to give a neat finish and straight line to a considerable length of hornbeam hedge.
PB, Rogate

We have been lucky enough to have Ian helping with our garden for the past ten years. He planted a wonderful avenue of 30 hornbeams and prunes them to perfection each year. He maintains our parterre and other beds and takes care of our box hedges and our fruit trees. Ian is very knowledgeable and professional and we have been extremely happy with all his work for us.
Jane and Douglas Sussex/Surrey border

View of downs obscured by hedge.


Hedge reduced revealing stunning view.



Yew Hedge


Yew Hedge

Hedge Trimming
Hedge Trimming