Garden Restoration

For neglected or overgrown gardens we can provide consultation and a restoration programme.

We are often called upon to tidy neglected gardens or those of recently purchased properties. After an initial consultation we can advise on the right order and best way to proceed. This way veteran plants and hidden features, that may have been overlooked, can be preserved and historic gardens restored to their former glory.

Architecture and Garden History

With a wide knowledge of architecture and garden history we can help our clients 'read' the garden and assist in a plan for its restoration.


What our Customers say...

Ian has been providing us with regular garden services for the last 10 years. His work includes tree and hedge planting and general garden maintenance. He recently planted and sourced a number of trees for a new orchard and a Installed a yew hedge . Ian is both reliable and efficient and I would highly recommend him to others.
H.M. West Sussex

Ian deeply appreciated the bones of the garden and quickly realised its potential. He has been invaluable in the careful restoration of the garden.
PB, Rogate

An old rose garden restored with new roses planted in fresh soil and manure.

Restoring a Garden

Garden restoration

Following extensive building work we reinstated this cottage garden.

Restoring a Garden

Garden restoration

The final touch in this restoration was planting a cottage garden border on both sides of the path.